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Our Disruptive approach – Inclusive & Algorithmic

As a differentiated player in the Financial Services and Investment industry, Stampede Capital aims towards an ‘inclusive’ approach, by broadening the investor base. This disruptive move, coupled with contemporary algorithmic driven approach to investments aims to manage risks while delivering on investments.

Our research indicates that less than 3% of all investors in India leverage equity and stock trading. This is either directly or indirectly, through other instruments such as Mutual Funds, LIC, SIPs to name a few. This is insignificant compared to 50% plus in other mature markets

Stampede Capital, is committed to address this anomaly by,

  • Alleviating the perception of Risk - by a combination of knowledge, guidance, and skill to operate
  • Providing knowledge - in the form of Insights and Simulations driven on AI/ML to anticipate trends and taking the guess work away for making informed
  • Providing education to drive change- highlighting benefits of Equity Trading (12.9% vs. 26.1% across the world) vis-à-vis Gold, Fixed Deposits, Bonds or Real Estate (30% vs. ~10% across the world) – enabling a mindset change through education, advice, scenario visualisation and technology led professional enablement
  • Creating opportunities for inclusion - by changing the perception that the stock market is a capital hungry option only for rich – enabling Mini Folio with small investment

Enabling the art and science behind investments

It is often the case that the investors in India tend to stay away from seriously evaluating the Indian equity and stock markets as a viable investment opportunity. This is driven by the insight’s opacity, lack of proper guidance and a sense of overwhelm created by the sheer market capitalisation of more than US$ 2.3 Trillion – 4th in terms of capitalisation gains in 2020 globally.

Stampede Capital, by leveraging technology in combination with its large team of investment advisors, aim to demystify and bring this opportunity closer and clearer to this un-addressed cohorts of investors

As illustrated by its knowledge driven, technology based intellectual properties, Stampede Capital delivers outcomes by combining the art and science of investments. Some of these tools include,

  • Robo Trader -for higher efficiencies at ‘ZERO’ cost (no bonus share) to the user
  • Robo Jobber- a technical analyst for maximising gains and minimising losses based on technical signal processing
  • Robo Market Maker- based on Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) leverages technology to proactively define and analyse critical opportunities and risks to maximise profitability
  • Robo VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) - leverages technology to use VWAP ratio to help move into or out of stocks based on even the slightest impact on the market

Stampede Capital is an NSE and BSE Listed Financial Services, Equity Investment and Wealth Management company

Our services are delivered leveraging a unique Intelligent Investment Framework – driven by AI/ML based algorithmic models. This makes us as one of the few organisations in the world which blends Computing (Processing) Power with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create the trade flow. We have been delighting our customers’ for over 18 years with 9 Branches across India and 3 branches overseas.

GACM Technologies Limited.

(Formerly known as Stampede Capital Limited)

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